Our Firm


"The single greatest lost opportunity in employer sponsored plans is fee and service negotiation. Conflicted advisors and service providers do not address this. We do." 

- Founding Partner, Jonathan Broadbent


Plan Partners ensures absolute, unbiased integrity to the clients we serve.

From startups to multi-national firms looking to manage ERISA-governance the right way, we provide the tools, training, archiving, and governance to see that Plan Services run smoothly and that all Covered Service Providers are answerable. We are uniquely positioned to address conflicts of interest, because we have none.

Put simply; we occupy a seat at the boardroom table, helping address fiduciary compliance for your plan. We have no vested interest in where the plan is, what investments are offered, or how it's structured, as long as it's prudent to do so.

Equally importantly, we're not selling products or services to the owners or employees - and have no affiliation with any other potential provider.  This means that we can objectively work solely in the best interests of the Plan.

If you believe that it’s time to get sales out of the boardroom, call Plan Partners today. Call to arrange your complimentary consultation 440-345-8003 or info@planpartners.net