Our Qualifications

From Plan Partners' humble origins as www.feebased401k.com and sister site www.feebased403b.com, Plan Partners has grown to become recognized as a leading resource for fiduciary guidance. 

Ranging from restatements and Voluntary Self-Correction to everyday issues, Plan Partners has a long history of work with M&A, Banks, Brokerage and Law Firms, Payroll Providers, Insurance and Benefits Providers, Trust Companies, Accounting Firms and Accountants, Recordkeepers, Custodians, many other types of Financial Advisors, and, of course, Plan Sponsors. 

Plan Partners’ complete autonomy has made us one of the premier go-to advisory resources for ERISA-governed group retirement plans.  We've uncovered and untangled some disastrously egregious errors, omissions, over-charging, conflicts of interest, and outright neglect… and along the way, we've coached some of our "competitors" on how to be better.

Founding Partner and CEO Jonathan Broadbent developed his deep understanding of Sponsored Retirement Plans while employed as Director at a national Third-Party Administrator (TPA). While there, he oversaw Compliance and Audit teams for retirement plan reviews. 

Plan Partners employees have extensive experience with Plan Compliance, Plan Customization, & Fiduciary Oversight.