Non Profit

A special message to the kind folks who run non-profits:

Thank you!  What you do is greatly appreciated by your community, your constituents, and most certainly by your donors.

Why work with a Partner when any insurance agent, broker, or salesperson will do?

The answer is quite simple: we don't sell anything.  We think that makes us pretty unique. Think of us as a less expensive (and seemlessly unconflicted) alternative to a Trust Company.  Since we have no product to sell, we're like an extention of your staff.

So, what does Plan Partners do then?

We're so glad you asked!  We work with nearly any Trust, Insurance, Bank, or Investment Company you can name.  We work well with virtually all providers and any donor's financial services firm because we're independent.  Some might say fiercely so!  We accept no revenue sharing, "finders fees", "overrides", or other potential sources of income that might sully our ability to work solely and objectively in your best interests.

  • Planned Giving Campaigns,
  • donor relations,
  • donation tracking,
  • manager searches,
  • allocation, and
  • complete model building.

The precious resources of your non-profit could go to pay higher profile banks and trusts, but why would you want to when you can work with the same type of people in a more objective relationship?

Thinking of re-evaluating your financial partners?  Start with Plan Partners.  Call today, partner tomorrow.  440-345-8003.

Oh, and don't forget to go here for all sorts of free helpful tips and advice regarding Charitable Giving!





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