Specialized Workplace Retirement Plans advisors.  To us, Plans are not part-time side work.

Plan Partners is one of the first and only National Plan Advisory Services dedicated exclusively to pension plans and those responsible for managing them.  We do not do something else and pensions, we simply do pensions and we do them well.  We are meticulous fiduciary coaches, relentless fee negotiators and exceptional plan advocates.

As a premier founder of fee-for-service Workplace Retirement Plan consulting - you may have visited our early websites or - we've been stripping commissions, trails, hidden fees and conflicts of interest out of pensions for over a decade.

No brokers, no agents, no sales, no "and".  Partners.

We're not something else "and" pension consultants, we simply make pensions better by adding accountability, process, and oversight.  So, how can a firm that doesn't sell anything help improve your Workplace Retirement Plan?  Maybe by not selling you anything.

Okay, so you're saving, now what:

Good work, keep it up!

You're here because you're smart enough to know that if you want to enjoy your future, you've got to do a little planning and saving today. There's all sorts of free stuff here you can help yourself to.  What next?  How do you make your plan better? You chime in and voice your opinions on other workplace decisions, do you pay the same respect to your Workplace Retirement Plan?  Use our site and others like it to learn about your plan and how it runs.  You can also find quite a bit of information in your plan's Plan Document, your plan provider's website, and through the Fee Disclosures you receive.  Think it's too pricey, performance is lagging, or that there's a lack of resources?  Speak up, tell your employers!

There's something very odd about this website, have you noticed?

As your browse these pages you'll notice something unusual: we don't ask you to call us or schedule an appointment, or buy something.  No offense, but we work exclusively for your company plan; our view is that if we also try to sell you stuff, that's a conflict of interest.  So, what does this mean to you?  It means that you can come here, use what you like, get help, and never be harrassed by anybody.

Why a Partner when any old broker or agent will do?

Mostly we help by not selling you anything.  The following pages, our monthly newsletter, and the periodic bulletins we send out are all designed to help you make the very best possible decisions for yourself... and maybe learn a little something extra about how your plan runs.  If you see a Partner involved in your company plan, you instantly know that your company plan is unique, highly customized, and has very institutional pricing... something not many plans can claim.

Fee-For-Service, "Retained Advisors".

We do not make any more or any less based on the answers we give you.  We have no product to sell and are not affiliated with any company that does.  This means that we cannot, under any circumstances, answer your questions in a way that benefits us.  To put this another way: you and your success are our only objective.

Need a Financial Planner, Wealth Manager, Insurance Agent, or other professional?  We'd be happy to make some introductions.  We strategically partner with the best dedicated professionals we can find and are happy to introduce you.  They do not pay us for this consideration and neither do you.  We do this because it's the right thing to do.  We do not pay them to partner with us as fiduciary consultants for your employer and they do not pay us to consult with you individually.  In other words, we're highly specialized, just like them.

Sounds good, but what next?

Here's the next step: talk to your Director of HR, or your CEO, or your CFO or Controller.  Figure out who makes the decisions on your plan.  We encourage you to think of your plan more like a democracy and less like a dictatorship.  This is America, after all.  It'll help if you collect that new "Fee Disclosure" form you got in the mail recently.  Contact them and ask if they've considered working with a Partner to make your plan better.  Step two: send them here... well, not "here" exactly, send them to the Plan Sponsor link on our home page.

Our view: the only sure-fire way to improve your investment performance is to reduce fees.

Bunches of Free Stuff, updated regularly:

Okay, now that we've spoken our peace we suggest you go here to check out what our friends at Forefield have to say about 401(k) plans.  Or here to learn more about 403(b) plans.  Go on, it's free.  We pay for this stuff so you don't have to.  More?  How about A Woman's Guide to Healthcare in Retirement or A Retirement Income Roadmap for WomenCheck out Basic Retirement Planning.  Or how about a Cost of Healthcare in Retirement calculator?





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