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What is Partners all about?

We are specialized Workplace Retirement Plans advisors.  We do not believe in part-time plan advisors.

Plan Partners is one of the first and only National Plan Advisory Services dedicated exclusively to Workplace Retirement Plans and those responsible for managing them.  We do not do something else and pensions, we simply do pensions and we do them well.  We are meticulous fiduciary coaches, relentless fee negotiators and exceptional plan advocates.

As a premier founder of fee-for-service Workplace Retirement Plan consulting - you may have visited our early websites or - we've been stripping commissions, trails, hidden fees and conflicts of interest out of pensions for over a decade.

No brokers, no agents, no sales, no "and".  Partners.

We're not something else "and" pension consultants, we simply make pensions better by adding accountability + process + oversight.  So, how can a firm that doesn't sell anything help improve your Workplace Retirement Plan?  Maybe by not selling you anything.

What does "Fiduciary Outsourcing" mean, and will I have to learn a new language?

Fiduciary Outsourcing is all the rage.  As new regulations come on-line, and keep changing, you have two choices... well, three, but we're not going to address ignoring the regulations.  You can staff-up and run compliance yourself, or you can hire experts to help you run things the right way.  Yes, we know that the term "outsource" normally implies that you're hiring someone from a far away land, presumably with a very thick accent, so we've decided to add the term "near-shoring" to the strange new term "fiduciary outsourcing".  We're here, right in the U.S. of A. with you.  We speak your language, both figuratively and literally. 

Why a Partner?  Why not a broker or agent... or a bank rep?

We at Plan Partners have worked in the administration of retirement plans for a great number of years.  We recognize that process, documentation, and administration are cumbersome.  We're here to help!

Plan Partners and all of our employees are objective and unconflicted.  Our vast experience in the marketplace helps us to uncover and address conflicts of interest.  Our position as Fee-For-Service, "Retained Advisor" makes us your best possible plan advocate. 

Why do people keep wanting to move our plan?  No one enjoys that... except a broker.

Unlike plan brokers who get paid to change and move your plan (SEE ALSO: the dreadful, money sapping terms "override fees" and "finder's fees"), we seldom move plans and we work with almost all providers... and, as you may have guessed, we're opposed to override fees and finder's fees.  As for service provider; frankly, we don't care where your plan is as long as it's the best it can possibly be.  We want the best possible plan design, with the best investments, and the clearest reporting and benchmarking on whatever platform you have.

When you stop to think about it, why would you put your plan (and the future benefit to your employees) in the hands of a "Trust Company" or investment management company, or an insurance agent?  Is your bank also your plan service provider?  That's an "and" company.  A mutual fund family that also run's your 401(k)?  Another "and" company.  How about the CEO's personal broker?  That's an "and" broker; a generalist. 

Your future is important: hire the plan professionals.  Work with a Partner.  Call today, partner tomorrow: 440-345-8003.





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